Lingerie love

There is something about wearing really beautiful lingerie that also makes you feel really beautiful. Sometimes if I’m dreading going to work or have a difficult meeting ahead of me, I will put on my prettiest lingerie because I feel that much better when I’m wearing it.


One of the first lingerie brands to challenge the notion that lingerie is only worn by one type of woman. At Lonely they advertise their lingerie with all ages, all ethnicities, all body types. Lonely’s bra sizes range from A cups to E cups and underwear from XS – XL.


Organic cotton underwear designed and made locally and ethically in California. Pansy have a range of sizes ranging from XS to XXL.


Created with a transparent supply chain, ethical practices, and supporting local economies. The underwear is made out of bamboo fabric and natural dyes. Hara’s bra sizes range from A-DD and underwear from XS – XL.

Featured image courtesy of Pansy