Why finding your authentic style is so important

I recently shared on my Instagram that I was no longer enjoying posting as much anymore. I felt like I was putting so much pressure on myself to post perfectly staged images that all fitted with each other so as not to throw the aesthetic of my feed too much.

It was getting ridiculous and I started to feel like it was so not me, and so unauthentic. All this thinking about authenticity made me start to think about fashion and how social media has such a large influence on people’s personal style. Often times you can lose your style authenticity, and get too carried away with what “influencers” are wearing, and not focussing on yourself and your own personal style.

With social media dictating such a huge part of our lives, it can be so hard to know what your personal style is. For the most of us, buying new clothes to always fit in with what is trending is completely unattainable. On top of not being able to afford it, buying that many clothes so regularly has such a terrible impact on the environment.

Instagram has such a focus around consumerism, and with so many influencers getting paid to encourage people to buy what they are wearing, it can make you feel completely inadequate and as though you are constantly needing to join in on the next trend, and the next, and so on…

Oftentimes we can confuse wearing trendy clothes with being stylish. I personally don’t think being trendy means you have style – I think style all comes down to your personality and individuality. On trend clothes are designed to be sold to everyone – not to the individual person. In saying that there are definitely stylish people who manage to buy a few key trendy pieces (a few – NOT everything!) and mix and match with what they already have.

Now onto why I believe finding your personal style is so important…

I think the link between personal style and self esteem is huge! Personal style is a huge component in personal expression. Expressing yourself is a great way to grow your confidence and make you feel self assured in who you are. I genuinely believe when you look good you feel good, and vice versa.

If what you are wearing makes you feel confident through loving the way your body looks, or loving the individual stories behind the clothing items you are wearing, you inevitably feel good too.

If you aren’t confident in what you are wearing, it can lead to a downward spiral of relying on external validation to prove to yourself that you look good. If you allow yourself to get stuck in that cycle it can be pretty harmful to your self esteem. It can make you feel you need to buy the next trending item that the majority of people like, so you can receive the next validation.

When you discover your personal style I think it increases your self awareness. You gain a greater understanding of the way you feel and think and why. When you have a increased self awareness you are better able to see yourself as a unique and separate individual, rather than fitting into the mould that society tells you to.

How many people can relate to putting on a killer corporate outfit and feeling powerful? Or wearing a floaty dress and feeling beautiful? Or wearing an item that tells a story and feeling proud? Even wearing nice lingerie under your clothes can make you feel more confident! Having your own personal style affects your mood, feelings, thoughts and your overall confidence.

What do you think?

Do you believe having personal style is important?