Wedding anniversary in Bath

We had the most beautiful stay in Bath last weekend for our first year wedding anniversary. Bath is such a historically rich city; founded by Romans who used the natural hot springs as thermal spas. Historically, the city became popular as a spa and wellness destination, and today has the only natural thermal hot springs in the UK that you can bathe in. Bath is known by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it’s easy to see why!


We caught the train which only took about 1.5 hours from Paddington station. We arrived in Bath by about 10:30am, dropped our bags off at our accommodation and went to get coffee and brunch.

We walked across Puteney Bridge, which is filled with shops and cafes and gives you beautiful views of the Georgian architecture that Bath is famous for. We had a delicious meal at the plant based cafe The Green Rocket. It was a cold and rainy day on the Saturday, and we wanted somewhere cosy to sit for a while. This was the perfect place! Warm, cosy and loads of comfort food.

We then ventured out in the rain for a wander around the town itself. We wandered for a while before ending up at the Bath Abbey church cathedral. This was incredible! I walked in and just stood there for a few moments with my mouth open in awe at the Victorian Gothic architecture. I just could not get a photo that gave this beautiful place justice, so take my word you just need to go!

After wandering through the rest of the town (seriously something I’ve missed since being in London – staying in a small town and being able to walk everywhere!) We spent a few hours at a local pub having mulled cider and beer before collecting the keys to our accommodation.

We stayed at an air BnB which is owned by the Harrington hotel – who own a few air BnB’s in Bath’s centre. One thing to be prepared for is that accommodation is very expensive! We found food and drink to be cheaper than in London, but the costs for accommodation were crazy – and we didn’t even go peak season! However, as it is so close to London you could easily do a day trip cutting out on the accommodation costs.

Saturday night we went out for dinner at Acorn – a restaurant with a passion to do no harm; based around local, organic and sustainable produce. The menu is entirely vegan, and it is the first vegan restaurant in the UK to be recognised by the Michelin 2019 guide!

We ordered the carrot and hazelnut pate, beetroot and watercress, confit pumpkin in a barley miso broth, almond dumpling and artichoke and the smoked potato and hazelnut agnolotti. It is definitely up there with the best food I have ever tasted. Like… how the heck do they make a carrot taste that good.


We had a bit of a sleep in Sunday morning, but woke up to bright and sunny skies! It was still very cold, but the lack of rain was a nice change. We went to get our morning coffee and then wandered to Green Park station markets to get something to eat. We ordered some take away food from the cabinet at Beyond the Kale, and continued walking through the town.

We walked to the Royal Crescent, which as you can tell by the photos, is a row of 30 townhouses forming a circle, again with the Georgian architecture. The Royal Crescent is a famous place in film, television and has been home to some notable people over the years.

It was very busy when we went (around mid-morning), so I would suggest going earlier in the morning, or later in the day once the crowds have settled.

For lunch, we had a Sunday roast booked in at Nourish, which is about a 30 minute walk from the city centre. When I first moved to London I couldn’t believe that Sunday roasts were such a big thing here. A couple of months after we arrived, I had the most delicious (vegan of course) Sunday roast dinner at a little pub in Hampstead, and now I am all about them!! Nourish is Bath’s first vegan pub so of course, we were dying to try their Sunday roast – it did not disappoint!

We then walked back into town and spent the last few hours of our trip at Thermae Bath spa. The spa has a strict “no mobile phones or photographs” policy, which meant I couldn’t take any photos! However, it was actually a really nice chance to have a break from my phone for a couple of hours. I have taken these photos from their website so you can get an idea on how insane the experience was. The rooftop hot pool was incredible, but my favourite was the whole level dedicated to a variety of different steam rooms and “experience showers“.

No trip would be complete without a quick dinner stop at Franco Manca, before hopping on the train and coming back to London. I’m already planning when I can return!