A weekend in Copenhagen

We recently went to Copenhagen to meet up with my parents who were travelling through Scandinavia from Australia. It was the first time I had been, and it was every bit as beautiful as I imagined. I remember years ago when my parents first went, they said “you have to go you would love it!” In my head I was thinking, how could I ever afford to go to Copenhagen! I was a student at the time, completing my masters and working very little hours. I had no money and couldn’t even imagine having enough to afford a Europe trip. Yet, here I was only a few years later in the beautiful Denmark capital. Isn’t it crazy how life turns out?!

There is something so effortless about how the Danish present themselves. As one of the most design forward countries in the world, the people are so understated in their style. Somehow putting together the most simple of outfits, and making them look incredible. We spent most of our weekend wandering the streets, browsing through cute boutiques, admiring the colourful buildings, and trying to live as “hygge” as we could.