How I am learning to be content with my life in 2020

I’ve always been one for New Years resolutions. I think it’s the perfect opportunity to think about your intentions for the year ahead, and put those ideas down on paper. I always write my goals down after learning that the act of writing down your goals, makes you up to 42% more likely to achieve them. Crazy!

I recently shared on my Instagram that my biggest goal for 2020 was to have a general feeling of contentment. Since leaving university I’ve become so obsessed with achieving things, it’s exhausting! I feel as though I’ve spent the past couple of years just focusing on all the things I want to accomplish, rather than living in the moment and being content with what I have. For some reason my brain has just been ticking constantly and I just want to slow it right down, and be content.

After doing some reading and some podcast listening, the main ways I am going to tackle this, what I am going to call; “lack of fulfilment” is through the following…

  1. The act of being grateful. Sometimes I don’t realise how good I have it, and how many amazing blessings I’ve had throughout my life. I think this unawareness can definitely contribute to a lack of contentment, comparison and always wanting more. A particular study by Winata and Andangsari (2017), found that simply by practicing gratitude, individuals are less likely to compare themselves to other people on social media – thus being more content in oneself.
  2. Work out the things that make me feel the happiest, and commit to spending more time doing those things. I heard this on a podcast the other week, and I thought, hold on… Why have I not done this before?! If you’re constantly surrounded in environments where you are not at your happiest, you are far less likely to feel content and enjoy the moment.
  3. Focus on the positives in myself and the things I have achieved. I think this is such a big problem amongst almost everyone. We always forget how much we have achieved already, and instead only focus on what we want to achieve. I find once I’ve ticked one thing off my list, I automatically think of the next goal I need to achieve. I hope that by regularly writing down the small things I have achieved, I’ll be more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and overall happiness.

Well there you have it! I am honestly SO looking forward to continuing practicing looking after myself, and building a positive mindset!

Here’s to 2020 and the next decade!